Confess Your Faults (Sins) To One Another

“Therefore confess your sins to each other… (James 5:16a)

The Greek word from where we get our word and response of confession literally means, “to agree with.” That’s powerful if you think about it. I’ve recognized that my sin(s) or fault(s) have come against God’s Truth and I’m now willing to admit them and turn in agreement with His Truth rather than my “truth” that was wrong. This is the first step in true heart change if it is Godly and sincere as we found is needed in the Corinthians passage earlier. This is true confession!

Once again, James in his matter of fact, in your face, style gets right to the point of our “one another” for today. In James 5:16a he tells us to “Confess your sins to each other…” That’s another OUCH!

You mean I need to air my dirty laundry to other believers? Evidently so. While it’s not a specific Scripture, the principle is Biblical…”Confession is good for the soul.” It is good because it not only brings my sin out of the darkness and into the light but it also helps hold me accountable to others who love The Lord and love me.

I think we do need to be discerning as to those who are mature in The Lord that we can bring our sins to them and confess. We also must remember that as we do so, and as others confess their sins to us, this is not for gossip or to look down on anyone but to grow together in Christ and as the rest of the context of this James passage states, “so that we may be healed.”

What sin(s) may be keeping you from being healed? Humble yourself before The Lord and others (certainly takes humility to confess my sins and failures to others) and trust that He will honor that in forgiveness and healing.

Especially be willing to confess, say you’re sorry and ask forgiveness of those that you have specifically and/or intentionally wronged. In this way healing and restoration can take place to strengthen you (and them) as disciples and together build up Christ’s Church.

One caution: If you do find those that are not mature and discerning to handle sins confessed by wise and careful to find others who are…while the same time not using it as an excuse not to confess your sins to others nor to stop loving them. Be wise but certainly be obedient.

There are 3 confessions in Scripture and I need to be able to mature in making all of them as needed. First I need to daily confess before others that Christ is the Lord of my life and live accordingly. In humbly doing so, I need to confess my sins to Him and know that as I do so with heartfelt remorse and conviction that I’m forgiven. Finally, and this may actually be the most difficult one because it exposes me to other fallible human beings…as our “one another” command for today reminds us, I must confess my sin(s) to others to help hold me accountable and so that I may be healed. We definitely need The Lord to help us to do these daily and/or as needed so we can grow in Christ and help others do the same.

What keeps you from confessing your sins to mature believers? Do you have at least one person you can go to and trust to do so? What keeps you from being one that others can confess their sins to (if that’s the case)? How can you become a believer who will confess your sin(s) and be healed and set free as well as one to whom others can come to in faith and with trust? This is what God is looking for in His Church and Kingdom.

We must remember that confession never comes easy and in reality it’s quite difficult in our natural fleshly pride. However, the old adage, “Confession is good for the soul,” as mentioned earlier, is actually a Biblical principle that we’d all be wise to follow. Where are you when it comes to confessing your sins to The Lord and others?

Food for Thought… The freedom you’ll experience will far outweigh the pain and difficulty of mustering the courage and then following through in obedience to this command!

Action Steps…

  1. Spend time with God and in His Word, prayer and listening every day…begin with the Scriptures in this message.
  2. Ask The Holy Spirit to teach you.
  3. Pray and ask The Holy Spirit to convict you and show you anything that you need to bring before The Lord and then follow through in confession.
  4. Pray and ask The Holy Spirit to convict you and show you anything that you need to confess to others and then follow through with them as well.

Whew! I told you this “one another” would not be easy but as I’ve shared, and know that much of it was from my own experience, the freedom and laying down the burdens of unconfessed sin it totally worth it. Be willing to push through by His grace and try it today…you won’t be sorry!  

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Love and Lordship Prayer Focus Heavenly Father, confessing my faults and sins does not come naturally to me. Thank You for providing Your Holy Spirit as I believe in Christ that empowers me to humble myself and agree with Your Truth in open confession to those I’ve wronged. In Jesus Name. Amen.