Authority…Demanded or Invited?

Jesus is the Ultimate Authority and yet He waits to be invited into our lives! What should that tell us about authority?  His teaching and example are very clear that His Authority is never demanded…we must invite Him in!  As The Author, He teaches and models for us what True Authority is so we need to know and apply His Truth about authority to any position of authority that we have been given or placed in as well! I have the awesome opportunity and privilege…Read More

Halloween…Holiday or Day of Horror? How Do We Respond?

Halloween…Holiday or Horror?  Fear or Fun?  Sacred, Secular or Spiritual?  Participate or not?  Several have asked me about Christians and Halloween? How is a follower of Christ to “handle” Halloween? 

At Love and Lordship our focus is to point people to God and His Word as the Authority (Lordship) for every issue.  With this in mind, here’s one Christ follower’s take on Halloween from a Scriptural perspective…

I remember as a youngster (over 50 years ago) growing up in little Berry, KY (population 200) where…Read More


A disciple is one who studies and then models whoever is Lord in his/her life.  A disciple is one who disciplines his/herself according to the principles or standards of his/her Lord.  A disciple is one who practices the disciplines of his/her Lord.   Discipleship begins with whoever is your Lord/lord and…in the mirror.  It doesn’t begin with telling others about your Lord/lord but learning from your Lord so that when you begin to share about who your Lord is, you are actually living out a…Read More