Loving Response Required

This isn’t going to be easy so I begin with a reminder…I’m sharing the direct words of Jesus…I’m just the messenger. We must heed what our Lord says. First let’s recap what He has called us to in order to be His disciples… 1) He must be the utmost priority in our life; 2) We must give ourselves wholeheartedly to Him; 3) We must give up everything for His sake, including our right to our life, our self and our right to be right… Read More

Walking According to His Truth – Pt 2

More on Discipleship as walking in line with God’s Truth!  Read More (

Walking According to His Truth

Here are some simple thoughts on discipleship from Jesus Himself (Luke 14:25-35)… Christ must be the absolute #1 Priority (Lord) in your life (vv. 26-27); We must commit and submit wholeheartedly, not half-heartedly (vv. 28-32); We must die to or give up our selfish desires and possessions (v. 33). If we follow through on the above we can be devoted disciples; if we do not we can’t be. I said simple, not easy?  These can’t be done in our own strength…only by His Spirit! These 3 specific choices… Read More