Fear of God or Fear of Man

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are given as Christ followers and excellent opportunity to responding to crisis, fear and worry in faith, hope and love…just as our Lord did and as His Word encourages and even commands us to do! We need not fear what man (or virus) can do to us as we are certain of our lives in Christ for eternity!  That’s awesome, you say, when I’m gone from this life and move into the next.  What about here and now? … Read More

Authority and Love – A Wake Up Call for Marriage, Family and The Church

True Authority “My determination is to be my utmost for His Highest.  To get there is a question of will, not of debate nor of reasoning, but a surrender of will, an absolute and irrevocable surrender on that point.  An overweening consideration for ourselves is the thing that keeps us from that decision, though we put it that we are considering others.  When we consider what it will cost others if we obey the call of Jesus, we tell God He does not know what…Read More

Love and Lordship – God and Me…Part 2

God has been faithful, as always…of course that’s what faithfulness is…ALWAYS, to teach, prune and bless me over the years.  It’s not always been easy and the decisions and follow through at times were very difficult.  I’ve learned that as I choose to seek and follow His Word and Spirit that no matter the struggle or outcome, I can count on Him! One of those lessons that I heard early on and continue to learn to this day is what John the Baptist stated in… Read More