CHRISTmas Players

(Luke 2:1-20) Let me take you back to that first CHRISTmas and just briefly recount the well-known narratives and names.  Then I want to spend the better part of this article on a part of the story that you may have never heard and what we can learn from the lowliest of players in the CHRISTmas story…  Matthew 1:18-23 – Mary and Joseph engaged; Mary gets pregnant; Joseph chooses to privately divorce Mary which was an honorable thing as he could have had her stoned… Read More

Holiness Over Happiness

(1 Peter 1:16) What is God’s plan and purpose for you? For each of us? For His Church? If you listen to many sermons today the undeniable conclusion would be that more than anything else God desires our happiness. Unfortunately that has led to many false doctrines and teachings as well as broken and destroyed lives, relationships, families and more. Nowhere in Scripture will you find that God simply wants us to be happy.  Now before you stop reading and lose your religion with your… Read More


(2 Corinthians 9:15) – Those who receive emails or texts from me know that I often close with this Scripture. It’s a great place to begin, end and fill all things in between with gratitude…“Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift (Jesus).” Parentheses added I must wholeheartedly confess that I’m a Grade A, #1, certified Holiday junkie!  I’m especially known in my family and circle of friends as a “CHRISTmas freak” and I do overlap CHRISTmas with Thanksgiving.  I don’t do it to diminish… Read More