CHRISTmas Special w/Scott Collins

Today we welcome Mr. Scott Collins of Thornhill Creations…Christ follower, husband, father, musician and artist! We hope you enjoy the podcast and CHRISTmas songs!

The Blessing of CHRISTmas

In CHRISTmas Memories we recognized both the ups and downs that CHRISTmas can bring.  In CHRISTmas Stories we shared a unique perspective from the “least” of the CHRISTmas players, the Bethlehem shepherds, and the role they played as well as lessons we can learn from them.  In this post, I want to turn our focus directly to the choice that Jesus made which makes CHRISTmas a reality and in doing so gave us the model for our lives and relationships…that of humility and sacrificial love….Read More

CHRISTmas Stories

Let me take you back to that first CHRISTmas and just briefly recount the well-known narratives and names.  Then I want to spend the better part of this article on a part of the story that you may have never heard and the lessons we can learn.  Matthew 1:18-23 – Mary and Joseph are engaged; Mary is found to be pregnant; Joseph chooses to privately divorce Mary which was an honorable thing as he could have had her stoned or exiled from the country and…Read More