Hot Topics…Part Two

A Real Life Story on Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery

In August 2009, I was speaking at an Association of Marriage and Family Ministries conference in Phoenix, AZ.  After my presentation I was late for lunch and a black gentleman with an accent approached my table as I was eating alone.  I recognized him from being in my presentation.  He asked if he could join me for lunch.  I said, “Absolutely,” and thanked him for joining in my session.  He introduced himself as Pastor Morvan… Read More

Hot Topics in Marriage

We’ve spent the last few weeks on posts talking about key and foundational principles and issues from God’s Word when it comes to love, relationships, sexuality and marriage. The focus for these included “Serving is Love is Authority,” “Unconditional Love – Forgiveness and Trust” and others (check out for the past several articles, podcasts and videos)! This week we’re jumping into deeper waters and some, well let’s just say, somewhat controversial texts of Scripture when it comes to Marriage, Adultery, Divorce and Remarriage. Remember,… Read More

Forgiven and Trust – Unconditional Love

Forgiveness and Trust…In almost every case with struggling couples, no matter what the symptoms are, there are major foundational issues rooted in unforgiveness and distrust.  I want to share some Scripture and insights that have helped many. Forgiveness is mandatory (Matthew 6:14-15; Ephesians 4:32); Trust is earned (John 2:24). I tweeted some time ago, “God’s grace is amazing, but it never compromises His Truth.” If it did, He would be a liar and we know that’s… Read More