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Mr. Rogers on Marriage

Join us as unpack some great insights from Mr. Rogers…Mr. Jeff Rogers, that is.  Jeff is an internationally acclaimed photographer and he and his wife, Missy, also started and operate Wellspring Prayer Center in Lexington, KY.  Jeff has a great story and will encourage and help you in your marriage.

The Blessing of CHRISTmas

In CHRISTmas Memories we recognized both the ups and downs that CHRISTmas can bring.  In CHRISTmas Stories we shared a unique perspective from the “least” of the CHRISTmas players, the Bethlehem shepherds, and the role they played as well as lessons we can learn from them.  In this post, I want to turn our focus directly to the choice that Jesus made which makes CHRISTmas a reality and in doing so gave us the model for our lives and relationships…that of humility and sacrificial love….Read More

CHRISTmas Stories

Let me take you back to that first CHRISTmas and just briefly recount the well-known narratives and names.  Then I want to spend the better part of this article on a part of the story that you may have never heard and the lessons we can learn.  Matthew 1:18-23 – Mary and Joseph are engaged; Mary is found to be pregnant; Joseph chooses to privately divorce Mary which was an honorable thing as he could have had her stoned or exiled from the country and…Read More

CHRISTmas Memories

Before we start this article and CHRISTmas series I want to let you know to look for a Top 10 CHRISTmas list at the end of each article! As I begin this article my beautiful wife comes in the room and plugs in (or flips the switch) and on comes the CHRISTmas lights (you’ll notice I always spell CHRISTmas in this fashion on purpose).  As she does so she asks, “Does that help?”  Of course it does, so I give her a hearty, “YES!”  Read More

True Thanksgiving … for God’s Glory and Our Good!

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve highlighted a brief history of Thanksgiving as a holiday and what we can do to make the holidays more enjoyable…or maybe just less stressful.

Thanksgiving (and Holidays) Can Really Stink

“For those of you who cannot be with family this Thanksgiving, please resist the urge to brag.”                                 Andy Borowitz

“Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, one by one, as each relative goes home.”                                                        Melanie White

While these sentiments hit close…Read More