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Welcome to the brand new Love and Lordship website.  The Love and Lordship message and ministry exist to help you know who you are in Christ and build strong, healthy relationships…friendships, marriage, family, Church!  Navigate the site to find videos, podcasts and written resources to help you as you build every relationship on the Love and Lordship of Jesus!

St Valentine – Martyr for Marriage…Not Just Romance

“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure.”     Hebrews 13:4 Wikipedia states Valentine’s Day originated as a Western Christian feast day to honor Valentinus, recognizing a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance. The day first became associated with romantic love in the 14th century.  But it was for much more than romance that Valentinus gave his life. Legend has it that Valentinus was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II.  He was arrested and imprisoned upon…Read More

Love and Lordship – God and Me

Every one of us has a story.  Every one of us likely has a point in that story, probably several, where God’s story and plan for our lives intersected our story.  Whether we recognized it or not, whether we accepted it or not creates the story of where we are right here and now, today.  Mine is no different and as we begin to dig deeper and unpack more of the Love and Lordship message that He has laid on my heart I want to…Read More

Where is God When Tragedy Strikes?

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, our day was interrupted with the tragic news of the untimely and sudden death of NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant as 41 years of age.  As if it couldn’t get any worse we learned that his 13-year old daughter, Gianna or Gigi, and 7 others died in the fatal helicopter crash on their way to Gigi’s basketball game with several teammates.  How do we process this?  How do we reconcile an all-loving Sovereign God allowing something like this to happen and…Read More

In His Image – Agape Relationships…Messy, Nasty Stuff – Marriage, Family and His Church Part – 2

A few years ago a much-respected pastor walked into my office to discuss a conference hosted at his church several years before. We entered into a wonderful conversation about marriage, family and church that led him to share that two of the elders in his church had moved away and he was having trouble filling those positions. He shared that there were two elders still in the church but they really needed at least four to best serve the needs of his church. He had…Read More

In His Image – Agape Relationships…Marriage, Family and His Church – Part 1

As we begin the New Year of 2020, let’s do so with a 20/20 vision and begin where God did…no, not in the Garden of Eden but in the first and highest of relationships… one man and one woman in the covenant of Marriage. Love begins in the heart, then in God’s design, flourishes in marriage and in the home/family.  It then comes together in the Church as we mature in the integrity and authority of Christ’s Love and Lordship in our lives and relationships…Read More