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Welcome to the brand new Love and Lordship website.  The Love and Lordship message and ministry exist to help you know who you are in Christ and build strong, healthy relationships…friendships, marriage, family, Church!  Navigate the site to find videos, podcasts and written resources to help you as you build every relationship on the Love and Lordship of Jesus!

God in the Pandemic – “Church, Don’t Go Back to The Status Quo!”

The modern church is on a sandy foundation. Three current realities need to change for God’s people to make disciples that impact and influence every part of culture: 1) Cultural relevance has trumped relationship.  2) Evangelism and conversion equals discipleship.  3) Programs can replace the brokenness of relationships. I believe most church leaders and attendees desire to follow Christ. The problem?  Read More

Discipleship…Response Required

If Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords…and He is.  If Jesus Christ came to save all who believe in Him so we could be in a relationship with Him…and He did.  If you have received Him as Savior and claim to be in that relationship with Him, the only question that remains…are you submitting to Him as Lord of your life?  Read More

The Story of 2 Kingdoms – Part 3

The False Kingdom – The Serpent’s Deception

We’ve talked about Christ’s Kingdom and all Authority belonging to Him in heaven and on earth. We’ve looked at the absolute Truth that comes from Him as Author. Why aren’t we all on board? Why isn’t everyone clamoring to be a part of His incredible Kingdom of Truth and Love?

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The Story of 2 Kingdoms – Part 2…Authority and Truth

We all need to be on the same page and that begins with a solid foundation.  That foundation must reflect the authority on which we base our decisions, and build our lives and relationships.  In other words the foundation, good or bad, is rooted in lordship and discipleship. Who is your Lord/lord (Christ as Lord or the enemy as lord)?  Who are you a disciple of?

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The Story of Two Kingdoms

The Kingdom and Lordship of Christ

“Temptation usually comes through a door that’s been deliberately left open.” Scottish Theologian Arnold Glasgow (1905 – 1998)

*John came up to me after a Sunday morning church service and asked if I remembered him. “Of course,” I said, “I worked for your dad one summer.” “Dad’s got late stage cancer and I’m running the company now,” he said. “So sorry to hear that.” I replied, “How can I pray for and help you?”

“Can we meet?  I’m…Read More