Names of God – Pt 14

(Psalm 79:9) – “Help us, God of our salvation, for the glory of Your name;
And save us and forgive our sins for the sake of Your name.”


A couple of weeks back we looked at God’s Name in Psalm 19:14 as Jehovah Tsori – God Our Strength (Rock) and it also means God Who Is Strength (Power). Building on this concept and character of God, David reveals the strength and power of Who God Is and how He is at work in and for those who love Him collectively (Israel in David’s case and all those who believe in Christ as His disciples and Church presently).

In Psalm 28:7, David proclaims that He is “JEHOVAH UZI or URI – GOD MY STRENGTH!” David is praying to God for personal help and praising Him for personal deliverance.

We all need God as our personal strength and power and the more we learn to walk with and rely on Him the more that power is seen in and through us to others. We have that very personal power in Jesus as “JEHOVAH UZI or URI – GOD MY STRENGTH!”

The obvious and perhaps most encouraging text is Philippians 4:13 where we have all the strength we need in every situation in Christ. We also find this personal strength of Christ in and through us in one of the most beautiful and encouraging passages in all of Scripture as Paul prays for the Ephesian believers and for all who believe on Christ in Ephesians 3:14-21. He closes in vv. 20-21 by saying that we have all and more than we can ask, think or imagine according to the power of Christ in and through those who believe in Him!

I pray that you know Christ and His strength in you no matter what you are facing! If you do then share it with others. If not, contact us at L&L and let us introduce you to Christ as Savior and help you walk with Him as Lord by His power in you.


The next Name of God that David expresses to us in Psalm 29:3 is “EL HAKKAVAD – THE GOD OF GLORY” the God Who speaks even in the dread and power of a tremendous storm…and we need not fear!

David declares that this God of Glory is majestic and powerful and impacts all of His creation in mighty and awe-inspiring ways! Do you see Him in this way? It’s for our good and for His Glory.

Christ is “EL HAKKAVAD – THE GOD OF GLORY” revealed throughout the New Covenant. We see Him glorified in His Incarnation (John 1:14); in His High Priestly Prayer of Unity for His Apostles and all believers throughout time (John 17:24) and in one of the greatest descriptions of God in Christ as the writer of Hebrews bridges the Old and New Covenants and the completion of both in Christ (Hebrews 1:3).

What a great and Glorious God that we serve and we can declare His Glory by our words and lives as Christ, “EL HAKKAVAD – THE GOD OF GLORY,” dwells within us!

I pray that you know Him as Savior and Lord and even as you share in His sufferings you are growing in Him from glory to glory…His Glory expressed in and through you. May we give all praise and honor to Him, the Only One deserving of All Glory!

EL EMET – “THE GOD OF TRUTH” (Psalm 31:5)

Our final Name for today’s post is not only great, powerful and much needed…it is also very much lacking in our culture, even in many churches in our day and time.

David refers to God as “EL EMET – THE GOD OF TRUTH” in Psalm 31:5 where he recounts the trials, struggles and enemies he has faced and is facing. Yet he remembers and reminds us that God is Truth and therefore He is Faithful. He says what He will do and He does what He says…ALWAYS!

Because He is Truth we can always count on Him no matter what we’re facing or what the situations looks like. This requires faith in us but we can know that He is Faithful…ALWAYS! If He were to falter and fail to uphold His Truth even once it would no longer be Truth and He would not be Faithful. But He has never failed and never will.

As we explore, and I pray, are seeing more and more throughout these posts on the Names of God, Christ is God in the flesh, the fulfillment and exact representation of God to us as Savior and Lord.

We find Christ as “EL EMET – THE GOD OF TRUTH” in one of the most comforting verses to those who believe and one of the most uncomfortable texts to those who don’t in John 14:6. He alone is The Way, The TRUTH and The Life. There is no other way and He has been Faithful to save all who will believe on and surrender to Him as Savior and Lord.

We find this same character of Truth and Faithfulness in Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:11-14 in which he declares that even when we are not faithful, HE IS! He is our “EL EMET – THE GOD OF TRUTH!” He can never be untruthful and therefore never unfaithful!

I pray that you know Christ as The Way, THE TRUTH, and The Life because He will never fail You. His Truth endures forever and you can count on that…come what may! He is the only way to God The Father!

Love and Lordship…Food for Thought – Jehovah Uzi or Uri is GOD MY STRENGTH and even though there are times I fail or struggle, His strength in Christ has always found a way and empowered me to do what was needed. He is El Hakkavad – The God of Glory and is worthy of all our praise. We see this in Christ being given all honor and glory and as we share in His sufferings we will also share in His Glory.  He is also El Emet – The God of Truth meaning that you can count on His Word and faithfulness as we have The Truth in Christ and it is absolute…never changing! Do you know His Truth? It is the only thing, He is the Only One who can set you free!

Love and Lordship…Action Item

  1. Read the Scriptures in this article and ask The Holy Spirit to teach you.
  2. Write down what each of the Names of God in this post mean to you. 
  3. The God of Strength, Glory and Truth…Which of these have you needed or experienced from God in your life?
  4. How has He shown up for you?

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