Disciples…not Zealots

(Matthew 28:19-20) – seems like everyone loves passion…ZEAL, but that’s not what Christ told us to develop and make…zealots!  He said “disciples!” Folks, we live in a fallen world and are fallen, sinful people apart from Christ! For that reason we constantly return to the tree of Genesis 3 and are tempted (and often justify our giving in) to exercise the free will that God gave us so that we could know, give and receive love.  That same free will causes us to fall into… Read More

God’s Covenant – Christ in Us

(Hebrews 8 & 9) There is a young man that I’ve had the privilege to disciple over the last 6 months or so ask the following question about God’s Covenant with Abraham and what He told him in Genesis 17:1-2…”to live in God’s presence (or walk before Me) and be blameless.” What did God mean when He told Abraham to “live in God’s presence and be blameless?” Isn’t that a great question? My response from God’s Word is the core of this newsletter… It means… Read More

3 Indicators of Christ as Lord

(1 Peter 3:15) There is no Christ as Savior only! He has saved us from sin, death and hell…but He has also saved us and placed us by His grace in a relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! We could have this relationship in no other way and He must be Lord! Is He Lord of your life and relationship or are you deceiving yourself by claiming Him as Savior but not as Lord? Here is the first of three things that… Read More