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Welcome to the brand new Love and Lordship website.  The Love and Lordship message and ministry exist to help you know who you are in Christ and build strong, healthy relationships…friendships, marriage, family, Church!  Navigate the site to find videos, podcasts and written resources to help you as you build every relationship on the Love and Lordship of Jesus!

In Christ’s Kingdom – Loving is Serving is Authority

A Marriage Parody on Loving Servant-Leadership – The Clothes Basket on the Stairs…

Our most recent article focused on a marriage tip regarding real authority and “who wears the pants in your marriage/family?”  The 2 pair of pants, found in 2 acronyms were “Proper Authority Needed To Succeed” and Proper Attitude Needed To Serve.”  According to God’s Word when we “lord it over others” we are not actually in authority but are practicing according to the world and unbelievers (Matthew 20:20-28).  On the other hand when we lovingly submit and serve we…Read More

The Authority of Love – Book and Conference Promo

This is a stand alone video that gives a summary of the calling addressed in The Authority of Love book and upcoming conference.

This book, the Love and Lordship ministry and related events is the result of years of teaching and mentoring men and couples in life and relationships, namely marriage and family. The vision is discipleship in loving relationships under the Lordship of Christ. Our mission is to re-establish His Covenant Order through marriage, family and in all relationships. We long to see these 4 tenets restored according to His Word, design and plan by the power of The Holy Spirit in Christ’s Authority in His Church for His Kingdom and Glory:

  1. The Imago Dei (Image of God) with Christ as Lord in all things;
  2. Agape (Godly, selfless, sacrificial, unconditional Love) Marriages, Families and Relationships;
  3. Relational Servant-leadership and;
  4. Generational Discipleship in our homes, the Church and world.

This is God’s Covenant Design for peace in our life, marriage, family and Christ’s Church to impact our chaotic culture and world for His Kingdom.

Navigating Marriage

We’ve laid out what God’s Word says regarding building our relationships as His disciples under His Lordship.  We’ve applied them specifically to marriage with the commands and keys that enable us to build marriages that are blessed and bless our families and His Church.  There are volumes, and even libraries of books, that address most of the “how to’s” in marriage.  The purpose of this post in particular is to help us make sure that our hearts and minds are… Read More

Agape Marriage and Kingdom Relationships – A Personal Story

King Arthur is credited with saying, “In serving each other we become free.” This is not only one of the core principles of Camelot; it is the truth for every disciple of Christ and in every marriage, family, and relationship as we build the currency of His Kingdom. As I’ve mentioned throughout these posts and messages, serving and loving others is an overflow of our relationship with Christ and all in line with His Covenant Order.  We are blessed as we live this out in… Read More

Building Agape Marriages and Kingdom Relationships

As you look back over previous posts, videos and podcasts, there is something that I have held off until this point.  I did so deliberately to emphasize the importance of building relationships in line with God’s Word. As discussed in the previous section, God has given us this very clear blueprint on how we are to build relationships with and in Him.  There is a priority order made possible only because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Before we move ahead any further please… Read More